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                               CAROL LACHMAN

                                                   Attorney at Law
                                  California Habeas Corpus Lawyer

                          WHAT IS A PETITION FOR HABEAS CORPUS?
Simply stated, if one or more of your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS have been violated, then the restraint placed upon your freedom is unlawful. (This includes jail, prison, parole, or probation.)

A successful PETITION FOR HABEAS CORPUS identifies precisely each of those constitutional rights as they involve your individual case and can result in a reversal or overturning of your conviction or sentencing.

Because this firm is dedicated solely and exclusively to the practice of habeas corpus, we are uniquely qualified to give to you our full professional attention, expertise, and loyalty. We fight aggressively for each and every major issue and minute detail arising from your matter. When the justice system has failed you, you are our first priority!

With over 33 years experience as a practicing Criminal Defense Attorney  both in Newport Beach, California and San Diego County, Attorney Carol Lachman successfully defended hundreds of major felony and misdemeanor cases both state and federal before limiting the firmís practice in 2007 exclusively to post-conviction habeas relief. 

Carolís thorough legal knowledge and superb analytical writing skills qualify her to present your habeas case persuasively and with an outstanding rate of success. Keep in mind that the tested skills and expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how the court system works is essential in the complex search for each and every violation of your constitutional rights that has led to your conviction and imprisonment.

   Denial of your Sixth Amendment Right to
         Effective Assistance of Counsel
   Prosecutorial Misconduct
   Sentencing Errors
   Adverse Parole Decisions
   Errors in Jury Instructions

If your detention is unlawful because
of a violation of your constitutional rights, you have an
absolute right for release from custody by means of the habeas process.
Exercise it NOW!

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If you have been arrested or wrongfully convicted, please fill out our Habeas Corpus Case Evaluation Form. California Habeas Corpus Attorney Carol Lachman will contact you as soon as she has reviewed your information.

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Attorney Carol Lachman represents clients throughout the State of California who are serving time in prison due to a wrongful conviction. Contact Habeas Corpus Attorney Carol Lachman at
(951) 600-1532 for a free telephone consultation!

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